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  • What is Red Ale

    Autumn leaves are turning to amber and red, which of course got me thinking about red ale. But what is a red ale? It’s all down to the used of kilned malts such as the aptly named Caramel malt, which lends the beer its red colour, however the colour is, and ought to be, secondary to the primary purpose of creating a great tasting beer.

    There is a whole range of beers that are encompas...

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    What is Red Ale
  • New Beer Round-up

    New Beer October 2019

    First up this month is a beer that is close to our hearts. A little while back the O’Briens team headed out to Third Barrel brewery to brew up a collaboration beer. We settled on a soft and hazy IPA, something Third Barrel are adept at. The result, Third Barrel ONE is packed full of fruit aromas and flavours with soft peach from the yeast coupled with big jui...

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    New Beer Round-up
  • Belg-yum

    As the evenings close in my mind turns to some rich comforting beers to sit by a fire with and what better than to fill a goblet with a big Belgian style beer. Belgium is known for its great beer culture and variety of styles available, the most iconic being the styles popularised by Trappist breweries. Not sure if a Dubbel, Tripel or Quadruple is for you? Then read on.


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  • Prost! Raise a glass to German Brewing

    In 1810 the citizens of Munich were invited to festivities to celebrate the royal marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. The celebration was held on the fields in front of the gates of the city, named Theresienwiese (Theresa's fields) in honour of the Princess ever since. Horse races held in the presence of the Royal family brought the festivities to a close, with the...

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    Prost! Raise a glass to German Brewing
  • Eight Degrees

    Eight Degrees have been brewing since 2011, which at this stage almost makes then one of the grandfathers of Irish craft brewing.

    Over the course of that time they have consistently put out great beers, over seventy different beers at my count but I could be corrected. The emphasis has been on IPAs in all their sub-styles, however their output has ranged far and wide whe...

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    Eight Degrees
  • Festival Beers

    Tent? Check

    Wellies? Check

    Sunglasses? Check

    Craft Cans?

    Well, O’Briens have you covered with some great craft cans to get you festival ready. The recent, almost wholesale,  move to cans in craft beer means there has never been a better selection of festival worthy beers. So here is just a few recommendations.

    Stiegl Grapefruit Radler

    To st...

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    Festival Beers
  • BBQ Beers

    Looks like we are finally getting some summer sunshine. Time to break out that barbeque! But what beers should enjoy with your BBQ?

    A barbeque evening can be a long affair, from setting up to getting the heat just right, to perhaps the most enjoyable part, full bellies and conversation long into the night. Fruity ales and easy drinking lagers are the call of the day. All...

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    BBQ Beers
  • Father's Day Picks

    Forget about woolly slippers or eau de musk, get them something they can sit back, relax, and enjoy on Father’s Day. That's Sunday 16th of June, just in case you forgot.

    Let us take the hassle out of choosing a gift, pop in store or browse on line for a range of great gift ideas with a selection of craft beers as well as a number of great spirits on offer. I’ve pick...

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    Father's Day Picks
  • Sunshine & Cider

    Perfect cider weather one might say.

    While cider can certainly be enjoyed year-round there is something about warm weather and cold cider that just goes so well together. Perhaps it’s also because it matches so well with summer cuisine.

    Cider making has a lot in common with wine making, for both creating a great tasting drink is all about achieving balan...

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    Sunshine & Cider
  • Brewdog Brewery Trip

    Brewdog have come a long way over the last twelve years. Back in 2007 you would have found founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie, brewing in a garage, bottling by hand and selling their beers at a local market. It was at this market that they had a chance encounter with Michael Jackson (the famous beer critic, not the other one) who, wowed by the quality of the beer, ...

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    Brewdog Brewery Trip

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