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  • BBQ Treats!

    BBQ Treats!

    Whether you plan to celebrate America’s Independence day or not, the 4th of July finds us slap-bang in the middle of Barbecue season and thanks to its dark and spicy flavour profile and full-bodied nature there really can be no better wine choice to stand up to sticky ribs, chicken, sausages and burgers than Zinfandel.

    Now Iknow the temptation with a BBQ is to reach fo...

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  • Rosé returns!

    Rosé Returns!

    Swallows filling our skies, BBQ aromas wafting over the garden fence and the gentle background hum of a distant lawn-mower; all herald the changing of the season.

    But for me nothing says summer, quite like seeing the new vintages of our Rosé wines arriving.

    And for most of us, thinking of a crisp glass of Rosé conjures up images of sitti...

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  • Food & Wine Matching; demystified.

    Although at first it may appear to be quite a daunting task, the good news is that you don’t have to learn a whole raft of complicated systems in order to select the right wine to match with your chosen dish.

    Following these simple guidelines below should help you make more successful Food & Wine pairings.

    The most important rule of all is not to let your-self b...

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  • Perfect wine picks for Pancake Tuesday

    Everyone it seems has their own family favourite when it comes to choosing a topping for the pancakes but my wine selections below should work very well with pretty-much all of them.

    To go with the classic Irish choice of Crêpes topped with lemon juice and sugar, for me the perfect wine would be a fresh and fruity sparkling wine, and none would be better than a really good Prosecc...

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  • Italian Selection

    At last, after what feels like an inordinately-long wait, the 6 Nations kicks off again this weekend.

    The first match is scheduled for tonight, but Ireland will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon in Rome to get their campaign started.

    So it seems to me that this is the perfect time to take a look at some Italian wines. Italian wines have always been very popular here in Ireland, a...

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  • Wines for the Easter lunch table

    For me one of the best things about Easter is the delicious Spring Lamb for Easter Sunday lunch, which in turnleadsme to flavoursome, structured reds such as the wines below.

    When it comes to food-and-wine matching, there are very few of the old rules that can’t be bent or even broken to suit personal taste.

    We no-longer slavishly obey the commandment to serve red wine with...

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  • Pancakes and Prosecco?

    There is a common perception out there that pancakes offer an impossible challenge when it comes to food and wine matching, howeverI am certain that this is not the case.

    Everyone it seems has their own family favourite when it comes tochoosing a topping for the pancakes but my wine selections below should work very well with pretty-much all of them.

    To go with the classi...

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  • Sancerre Savvy

    Sancerre has been around for a long time as the Loire Valley was probably cultivated by the Romans and Sancerre is one its main appellations. Famously the home of Sauvignon Blanc, the vines are grown on a chalk soil which is similar to the soils of Champagne and Chablis. Located in the central vineyards of the Loire Valley, near the river, this chalk soil along with the hot summers and long col...

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  • Days Of Wine And Roses

    After more than six months of buying trips, tastings and blending sessions, July is one of the most exciting times of the year because our new wines start to arrive. Some of these wines were only being conceived when the bunches were ripeningon the vines last autumn and some were planned over a year ago. To see them finally arrive on Irish shores, often for the first timecreatesa real ...

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  • Mountain Wines

    Navarra is one of Spain’s oldest and most unique wine regions. The vineyards here cover the foothills of the Pyrenees and benefit from a continental climate moderated by Atlantic influences. Here the practice of blending “noble grapes” such and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with the native Tempranillo has formed the stylistic profile of Navarran wines. There are many good very estates here b...

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