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Worth the Journey

Worth the Journey

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We got our tasting schedule for 2016 off to a flying start thanks to a visit from this week from South Africa’s Delheim.

Reg Holder (General Manager & Cellar Master) & Raymond Noppe (Sales Manager) brought with them the latest vintages of their entire range and we were delighted when they generously offered to host a masterclass for our store managers.

It was intriguing to hear Reg let us in on his winemaking philosophy, he is refreshingly modern in his out-look, believing that the three most important things to portray in a wine are:

Vintage: This is at once the most challenging and yet the most unique things about winemaking, each wine in its own way, should tell the story of the vintage in which it was produced.

Grape Variety: This may seem obvious at first, but all too often winemakers are over-zealous in their use of oak or pick over-ripe fruit, both of which can lead to a loss of varietal identity in the finished wine.

A sense of place: Reg is passionate about the Stellenbosch region and firmly believes that as the custodians of the land, we must tread lightly in order to minimise the impact we have on it. So not only are all of Delheim’s vineyards farmed sustainably but all of their wines offer a true expression of the land from which they came.

Of course along with these fascinating insights, we also got to taste some wonderful wines, there were far too many to list here but if I had to pick just one highlight it would have to be the Grand Reserve.

Made in only the very best vintages, this latest release (2013) follows a four year hiatus since the last time the fruit was deemed to have met the incredibly exacting standards needed to produce this exceptional wine.

The blend changes with each release but the 2013 is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon that can stand shoulder to shoulder with premium cabernets worldwide. Look for it when it hits O'Briens sheves later this year.

If you are wonderering about the title of this blog, 'Worth the Journey'is Delheim's motto and I for one am delighed that Reg and Raymond made the jouney over to see us.

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