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Baboons Like Grapes

Baboons Like Grapes

There are many steps involved in making a good bottle of wine ; good vineyards, good weather, lots of right decisions taken at the right time, luck, passionate winemakers and Baboon patrols !

One of our South African wineries currently have a problem with alarge troop of baboonsthat has been marauding through the vineyards, tearing up irrigation lines andripping young shoots off the vines. Baboon sightings had beenrare on the farm untilafter a big mountain fire in 2009 when a small troop moved closeby. In 2014 theirnumbers have exploded from 11 to almost to 50 - one Alpha male, with6 wives and 42 offspringare very happy using the vineyards as a playground.

Mann Vintners havebought a new “quad-bike”,obstensibly to make it easierto sprayverysteep vineyards difficult to access with a tractor, buts this quad is now doublling up as ababoon-chasing machine - no Baboons have been harmed of course.

If you would like to what happenend to the grapes that escaped the Baboons click here


or herehttp://www.obrienswine.ie/bellow-s-rock-chennin-blanc.html

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