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Celebrate Australia day in Style.

Celebrate Australia day in Style.

With Australia day being celebrated today, there can be no better time to raise a glass of delicious Australian wine to toast our cousins down under.

Australia’s vibrant wine scene is home to an amazing variety of regionally distinct wines made from more than 100 grape varieties, however for today I thought it would be interesting to focus on Australia’s most celebrated region, the Barossa Valley and also on two of the wine styles that first made the Irish wine-drinkers sit up and take notice of Australian wines.

Winemaker Geoff Schrapel’s ancestors planted their first vines at their beautiful estatein the Barossa valley in 1852 and today the property is run by fifth and sixth generation family members. This history is reflected in the labelling of their G6 range of wines. From this range I have chosen the G6 Chardonnay (€16.00 down from €19.49) which for me is the perfect modern take on this old-school classic.

For my red selection, the obvious choice might be to go for a straight Shiraz, instead I have decided to with the Rhône-blend of GSM from Iconic winery, Torbreck, who regularly produce 100 point wines and whose top cuvées can fetch more than €600! However if one wine best exemplifies what Torbreck is all about, then it's The Steading (€34.00 down from €39.00). This wine is an ode to the great old vines, planted at the turn of last century, which somehow survived the brutal vine-pull scheme of the 1980's.

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