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Craft Beer Sale

Craft Beer Sale

Our Craft Beer Sale starts this week with over 250 craft beers from around the world to choose from. Running for four weeks untill the 29th of September, buy 6 craft beers for the price of 5. (Cheapest item free)

There will be tastings in all of our branches this weekend where we are concentrating on Irish IPAs.

So what’s an IPA? India pale ale or IPA for short is a hoppy beer style within the wider group of pale ales. The termpale aleoriginally indicated an ale that had been brewed from pale malt. Hops are present in most beer in one form or another. In the case of IPA, hops are the dominant ingredient flavour wise with different varieties used having a big influence on flavour.

IPA’s were originally brewed in England for export to India in the early 19th century.The high hop content (along with the alcohol) prevented the beer from spoiling on the long voyage by sail to India. However IPA’s began to die out with the advent of refrigeration. That is until the beginning of the craft beer movement in America in the 1970’s where the modern IPA took root. Our own craft beer revolution has seen the IPA become a real customer favourite with Irish brewers producing IPA’s as good as or better than those from the States.

Here is my pick of the five great Irish IPAs to try this weekend (in no particular order).

I’ll leave the sixth bottle up to you!

Wicklow Wolf IPA|Kinsale Pale Ale|Galway Bay Full Sail|O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale|Full Irish

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