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Enjoy a free Sherry tasting

Enjoy a free Sherry tasting

If you were to ask any wine professional worldwide, which wines they think offer the best value for money, the answer coming back will invariably be Sherry.

Many of them will also list a Sherry among their top ten “desert island” wines.

Sadly, amongst the greater population of wine-drinkers, Sherry’s charms remain relatively unknown. The major reason for this would appear to be “The Granny Factor”; as the common response from the un-initiated is “my Granny used to drink that”.

While it may be true that Granny was partial to a drop of Sherry, more than likely it was a mass-produced sickly-sweet cream Sherry, far-removed from the wines listed below.

After decades of passively accepting dwindling sales, the authorities in the Sherry region are now going to great lengths to re-introduce the wider wine-drinking public to these under-valued gems.

Following the success of World Sherry Day 2013 (over 300 events across 29 countries) this celebration has now been expanded to a week-long event. International Sherry Week is fast-becoming one of the most exciting international events on food and wine calendars. Both Connoisseurs and new discoverers worldwide will raise their glasses in celebration of Spain's renowned Sherry wines from the 2nd to the 8th of June 2014.

To celebrate International Sherry week we will have the wines below available to taste for free, all this week in our Beacon store.

Even in their half bottle format, these wines offer an unbelievable quality/price ratio, particularly when one considers the time, effort and expense spent ageing the wines in Sherry’s unique Solera system.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it, I have included the Parker points to further illustrate the incredible value for money, these wines offer.

Lustau Puerto Fino (€12.49) is a truly great wine matured in the port town of Puerto de Santa María, considered by many experts to be the home of the finest classic fino. The flagship of the House of Lustau; a dry elegant Sherry, light and smooth with just a hint of the sea and attractive fruit. Very fresh, with a slight taste of tangy yeast. The pronounced flor bouquet is due to Puerto Fino's double maturation under fresh flor.

Rated “Outstanding” 91 /100 by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Lustau Papirusa (€12.49) is a Manzanilla which has been aged in American oak casks in the traditional Solera system in the cool, humid, salty air of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, on the estuary of the Guadalquivir river. Bone dry, light and fresh, very tangy, clean and crisp with just a hint a hint of sea salt on the palate, this is unquestionably one of the finest Manzanillas produced today.

Rated “Outstanding” 92 /100 by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (the highest score ever awarded to any Manzanilla!)

Lustau Los Arcos (€12.49) is a text-book dry Amontillado of great maturity, which undergoes both ageing processes: partially aged under “flor” as a Fino and subsequently matured through the oxidative ageing process. Naturally dry and soft, its palate gives a hint of wood and smoky raisins. With a powerful and distinctive hazelnut bouquet and a very long length, a better Amontillado would be difficult to find.

Rated “Outstanding” 93 /100 by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Lustau Don Nuño (€15.49) is a rich concentrated Oloroso which is classically dry with hints of sweetness, it has a deep amber gold colour and flavours of rich bitter chocolate and baked chestnuts which leave an intense lingering aftertaste. This wine finds great appeal among Sherry connoisseurs and is appreciated by all Oloroso lovers.

Rated “Outstanding” 94 /100 by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate


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