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G'day Ireland

G'day Ireland

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Ahhhh, Ireland! Is there a more welcoming and friendly place to visit? I think not… However expecting a mild 13 degrees and confronting a bitter 1 degree wasn’t a nice greeting. One thing is for sure though, every visit to Ireland whilst working with the professional crew from O’Briens is always a pleasure.

This week sees almost 45 producers embark in to Dublin for the very much anticipated O’Briens Wine Fair and that must be a record for a family run company anywhere. 45 producers from all over the world, coming in to one faraway place to pour wine, speak volumes about the respect each and every one of us has for this organisation.

My family brand Longview has a unique connection with the O’Briens, mainly like them we do everything ourselves from the ground up. We welcome everyone with open arms that takes the long flighted plunge over to Terra Australis and if by chance you make it up to Longview, no doubt you will greeted warmly by either myself or my brother. Our estate grown philosophy is something we are very proud of and to this day every bottle of Longview in the world only comes from our home in Macclesfield, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Therefore if you have time this weekend, pop in, say g’day, enjoy some of the best family owned and operated wines whilst appreciating some of the best hospitality, by one of the finest family owned and operated retail businesses in the world.

Peter Saturno

Longview Vineyard

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