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Gin Sale

Gin Sale

Great news gin lovers! Our Gin Sale has begun. Running all through November and December until the 5th of January 2016. Here a just a few to try out this winter.

Daffy's is distilled using an ancient copper pot whisky still with the finest botanicals including Lebanese mint. Slow cooked and steeped for 4 ½ days to promote depth of flavour while maintaining balance and smoothness. One of the more interesting botanicals is Lebanese mint which adds earthy and creamy toffee notes. This is one to savour straight over ice.

Aviation gin is batch distilled in Portland, Oregon in the traditional dry style but proudly describes itself as a New Western Dry Gin. Aviation gin favours a spice forward style with botanicals like coriander, dried orange peel, cardamom, anise seed, and lavender giving the gin a distinctive regional flavour profile of the Pacific Northwest.

While most gins are crafted from grain G’Vine take a different approach. Made in France’s Cognac region G’Vine use grape spirit form the local Ugni Blanc. G’Vine Nouaison takes its name from the period after the blossoming of flowers on the vine which herald the new growth of the berry called the setting or Nouaison in French. This delicate and aromatic vine flower which, only blossoms for a few days before maturing into a grape berry, is handpicked and distilled along with nine other botanicals to create a gin of exceptional character.

You can check out all that’s on offer here.

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