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Home of the Free and Land of the IPA

Home of the Free and Land of the IPA

Right now IPA is king, and in particular it is American West Coast style with up front and aggressive hopping that has lead the charge. With its relatively high alcohol, bracing bitterness and intense hop aromas West Coast IPA has been at forefront of the craft beer renaissance.

It all started in America around 1970 with home brewers and small craft breweries experimenting with full flavoured recipes and looking for a style to make their own and so turned to an almost lost style of beer, the IPA. At this time British IPAs were less hopped and lower in alcohol. American brewers took the IPA back to the 19th century highs. High alcohol and highly hopped.


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Anchor Liberty Ale were some of the first to use such aggressive hopping in their beers. Sierra Nevada pale ale was first brewed in 1980 and was considered a big hoppy beer at the time. While by today’s standards they would be considered tame they started a movement towards highly hopped beers.

Check out Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA to see how things have changed. Here wet hops are steam distilled before they even leave the field and the pure hop oil is added to the brew kettle along with traditional whole cone hops.

Enjoy the hop revolution with Hop Hunter and many more American IPAs in our American craft beer sale. Starts this Friday May 27th with 6 for the price of 5 on all our American craft beers.

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