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Jack Daniels O'Briens Exclusive Cask

Jack Daniels O'Briens Exclusive Cask

Introducing the O’Briens Jack Daniels Exclusive Cask.

We have partnered with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey to bring you something truly different with a limited release of their Single Barrel. This is the opportunity to experience a unique expression of Jack Daniels with whiskey bottled from a single barrel, specially selected by O’Briens.

Why Single Barrel?

The barrel is responsible for imparting all the colour and a good deal of the flavour and aromas in the finished whiskey. Once distilled new make whiskey is filled in to  barrels and placed in a specific rick of the barrelhouse to age. Jack Daniels’s single barrel is only selected from the top ricks which have the largest temperature variations, they are the hottest in summer and coolest in winter.

As the whiskey matures in barrels over the years variances in heat, humidity and airflow bring different elements into the finished spirit. After over 150 years of aging whiskey Jack Daniels have identified a few of their favourite spots within their barrelhouses that produce whiskeys of distinction. Only one out of every 100 barrels will achieve the desired level of flavour and aroma complexity and uniqueness to become Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select.

You will find the Barrelhouse, Rick number, Barrel Number and Bottling date on the neck of all Single Barrels.

What is the O’Briens Cask

Back in June the team in O’Briens sat down to taste through different barrels. It was tough choosing and the room was split between two very different expressions of Jack Daniels. In the end we took both!

Barrel 1 is on the sweeter side. Aromas of over ripe banana with buttered popcorn and subtle hints of wood.  The taste displays creamy toffee with a hint of heat followed by demerara sugar, biscuit and caramel. Finishes creamy with a soft spice and long lenght.

Barrel 2 is more full bodied and robust. Aromas of toasted wood with a hint of sea air and leather. Taste is of toffee apple with dark coco with great length rounding to soft nutmeg spice. Plenty of spice with heat on the long finish.

There is limited stock of these expressions available exclusively from O’Briens. Barrel 1 is available in-store and on-line now with Barrel 2 to follow.

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