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New Irish Whiskey Releases

New Irish Whiskey Releases

Now that the snows are beginning to recede how about something to warm the spirit?

Well great news, our Irish Whiskey sale in now on. We have some great offers across the range with some old favourites at great prices and a few new additions as well.  So, a great time then to look at a few of those recent additions. We have some great new whiskey expressions that highlight the diversity of the industry. Each of these are also the start of a new range of limited releases.

First up, Retronaut represents a new brand of whisky from Blackwater distillery (makers of Blackwater Gin). The first in the range of limited releases is a 17-year-old Single Malt, fully matured in ex-bourbon casks. First time on promotion for this limited release at €99 down form €115. This was released to mark commencement of work on their new distillery. The distillery is planned to open in summer this year, however it will be three years aging before spirit distilled here can be called whisky. In the meantime, Blackwater will be releasing excellent sourced whisky under the Retronaut brand with each whisky released to mark an occasion in the development of the Blackwater distillery.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed no “e” in whisky in the previous paragraph, you won’t find one on the label for Retronaut either. For Blackwater founder and distiller Peter Mulryan, this spelling reflects the time before the monopoly of Irish whiskey made the ‘e’ ubiquitous. In his words it’s “time to shake things up”

The second new release is from West Cork Distillers and their new Glengarriff Series. Ok cheating a little here as, though they have much in common, this is in fact two whiskeys with two distinct flavour profiles. Two truly unique and innovating whiskeys at that. This pair of single malt whiskeys are firstly aged in Sherry cask before finishing for six months in casks that have been heavily charred. As with much of the equipment in the West Cork distillery they made the equipment used for charring themselves, with the help of a local blacksmith. However, it’s not just the bespoke equipment that make these whiskeys unique, but the fuel used for charring. Glengarriff Bog Oak is charred using, yes you guessed it, bog oak sourced from the Glengarriff Forest in west Cork. For Glengarriff Peat Charred Cask the charring is fuelled by peat from the same forest. Both are on offer in our Irish Whiskey Sale at €33.95 down from€38.95.

Please note prices are correct at time of publishing, these offers will end on 2nd April, please check our website or stores for the most up to date pricing.

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