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Pancakes and Prosecco?

Pancakes and Prosecco?

There is a common perception out there that pancakes offer an impossible challenge when it comes to food and wine matching, howeverI am certain that this is not the case.

Everyone it seems has their own family favourite when it comes tochoosing a topping for the pancakes but my wine selections below should work very well with pretty-much all of them.

To go with the classic Irish choice of Crêpes topped with lemon juice and sugar, for me the perfect wine would be a fresh and fruity sparkling wine, and none would be better than a really good Prosecco such as the Rizzardi Prosecco Frizzante( €14.99 or 2 for €25 ) this amazing frizzante version of the brilliant extra-dry Prosecco from this peerless old Veneto house has the perfect balance of ripe pear fruit and fine crisp acidity to stand up perfectly to the lemon juice.

That refreshing acidity also means that this wine will work equally well with savoury Galettes topped with cheese and ham.

If you have something sweeter in mind such as Crêpes Suzette or if indeed you favour American style pancakes with Maple syrup, fruit compote or even chocolate spread, there is only one wine you should be thinking of, Ascheri Moscato d’Asti ( €14.49 ) is a lightly sparkling sweet wine that is intensely aromatic and packed with flavours of white peach, grape juice and rose-petal. Best of all for a Tuesday night, this wine is only 5.5% abv!

If all this talk of pancakes now has you scrabbling around for a recipe I suggest you follow the link below to The Irish Times site which hasone of the best I have seen.

Happy Pancake Tuesday!


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