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The Great Gin Hunt

The Great Gin Hunt

Here at O’Briens we have been searching out some of the very best and most interesting gins from around the world. Each week we taste, nose and examine gins from around the world looking for unique and interesting flavours and aromas. We are looking for gins that have a story to tell or an interesting approach be that through unusual botanicals or distillation methods. Above all of course they have to taste great. Yes, sometimes it’s a tough job!

Here are just a few picks of world gins from our current gin sale line-up.

Nordes, Citadelle, Monkey 47

Citadelle Gin is produced in the heart of France’s Grande Champagne Cognac region. The French AOC laws governing cognac allow it only to be distilled up to the 31st of March following the grape harvest. This means the stills are quiet six months of the year so the distillers on the Logis d’Angeac estate decided to produce gin in the months they were not producing cognac. Citadelle is the only gin in distilled in a traditional Cognac pot still with a naked flame. Distilling over an open flame requires a particular set of skills and also means the gin is made in smaller batches compared to that which could be produced using a column still or steam distillation. The result of this unique distillation method the is an elegant flavour and a very smooth palate. This is a juniper lead gin supported with eighteen other botanicals for a complex floral and spicy flavour profile.

Nordes gin comes from Galicia region in northern Spain. Nordes is not your usual gin. One of the things that is unique about the gin is its base spirit. The gin is distilled from the pomace of Albarino grapes which gives the finished spirit a superb rounded mouthfeel and texture. It also features twelve, locally sourced, botanicals including lemon peels, hibiscus, liquorice and eucalyptus. This is a fruity and floral gin with a light touch of mint and juniper tucked in the background.

The beautiful Monkey 47 still

We can’t talk of great gins from around the world without mentioning the venerable Monkey 47. The bold uncompromising style of this gin has lead it to pick up numerous awards and set a benchmark to which many others are compared. What’s unusual about this gin is the sear number of botanicals used, the clue is in the name, with 47 different botanicals in the distillation. The complexity on display from its long list of botanicals has to be tasted to be fully appreciated.

You can pick these up on offer, along with a host of other Irish and international gins, in our Gin Sale.

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