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Unusual Brews

Unusual Brews

January is a month for trying new things and what better to try than interesting flavoursome beers! So I’ll start you off with a few of our more unusual brews. Some people say brewing is as much art as science, this can be seen with these beers where brewers have used some interesting and unique ingredients to add up to some great tasting beers.

Brewed by Belgian expat, Alain Dekoster, RadicalBrew is made in collaboration with Blackwater Gin. This is a rye ale with a Belgian influence, infused with the gin botanicals from Blackwater Gin No.5 in place of bittering hops. The resulting beer displays delicate aromas and flavours of juniper, citrus and herbs like lavender, coriander and mint, married with a rye spiciness and a smooth medium body.

Keeping the Belgian style but with a definite Californian twist is Anchor Saison. The addition of lemongrass, lemon peel, and ginger to the brew gives a zingy crispness and spicy herbal note to the distinctive roasted Belgian wheat malt.

In contrast to the delicate notes of the two previous beers we have the Old Fashioned barrel aged ale form the Kentucky brewery in Lexington, America. This beer reflects that most famous of cocktails the Old Fashioned with the signature Kentucky Ale brewed with the addition of orange peel then aged with tart cherries in barrels previously used to age bourbon whisky and bitters. The result is a Strong Ale with a heavy bourbon influence along with sweet orange peel, bitter cherry and herbal notes.

If your tastes run more towards the fruity side of then why not try the Belgian classic Lindemans Kriek which uses fresh, unsweetened cherry juice which is mixed with Lambic that is at least one year old before fermenting & macerating for up to 3 days. The result is a fresh and fruity beer beautifully balanced between sweet and sharp.

James Brown Rhubarb Tart IPA puts a truly Irish twist on the IPA using 300 kilos of rhubarb in each brew. This beer is rhubarbed throughout the brewing process and is continually rhubarbed for 30 minutes during the boil. This gives the beer a more complex rhubarb flavour balanced by smooth malt and a tropical IPA hop profile.
Taste something different!

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