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Wine & Horses

Wine & Horses

Hearing that there will be 35,000 glasses of wine consumed at this week’s Dublin Horse Show got me thinking of all sorts of connections between wine & horses.

Now many winemakers have adorned their bottles & labels with images of horses, but I think you’ll agree that the two wines below offer a much closer connection than that.

The RDS first staged the Dublin Horse Show in 1864, but another equine event taking place this August has an even longer history; every year since 1238, the seventeen ‘Contrade’ (districts or wards) of Siena have competed in the ‘Palio’, a horse race run through the medieval streets of the Tuscan hill town. San Felice Contrada was created for the traditional banquets held during the ‘Palio’, however the wine proved so popular, it has now become a part of San Felice's main portfolio.

Cuvée Lunais blended exclusively for O’Briens by biodynamic wizard Michel Escande. Utterly committed to biodynamism, Michel even keeps a team of twelve horses to work the vineyards, his favourite being the eponymous ‘Luna’ in the picture below.

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