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  • New Beer Round Up

    We have been awash with some exceptional Irish beers over the last few months, but I thought it time to look at some of the great imports that have landed over the last few weeks. There is a bit of an eclectic mix of styles, a little bit of something for everyone.

    Fist up, the highly rated Wyoming brewers Melvin. Melvin are a small brewery with a big reputation and numerous nat...

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    New Beer Round Up
  • Malt - How, What & Why

    There are four primary ingredients in beer, water, yeast, hops and grains (mostly malted barley). There may be a love affair with hops at the moment but without grain there is no beer. The sugars in grains provide the food for the yeast to convert to alcohol and carbon dioxide. The ‘grain bill’ or ‘malt bill’, the mix of grains used to make a beer, determines the colour of the...

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    Malt - How, What & Why
  • New Year, New Beer

    2016 was a really interesting year in the craft beer world with new breweries opening and new approaches to brewing. Craft beer drinkers now have more choices than ever before and with the new year beginning we are set for even more diversification and innovation in craft brewing. So then, time to jot down a few predictions for the year ahead.

    IPA continues to dominate the mark...

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    New Year, New Beer
  • ‘Tis the Saison

    Saison is a style of beer that developed over time in the Wallonia region of Belgium, brewed on a small scale in individual farmhouses (this is why you will sometime here these referred to as farmhouse style ales). It was traditionally brewed during the winter months and given to seasonal farm labours during hot summer months. Before the introduction of refrigeration brewing wasn’t ...

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    ‘Tis the Saison
  • Lambic: All treats no tricks

    I enjoy introducing people to Lambic beers, the first taste always draws surprise. Barnyard, white wine, cidery, tart, lactic, fruity, musty are just some of the words people use to describe lambics. One word that I think best encapsulates it is ‘funky’.

    Lambic is primarily brewed in the small Pajottenland region of Belgium. They use a portion of unmalted wheat to give extr...

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    Lambic: All treats no tricks
  • IPA: The extended family

    India Pale Ale is undoubtedly the most popular beer style at the moment having grown from relative obscurity in the 1970s to now dominate craft beer brewing. As peoples tastes acclimate to the hoppy bitterness and pungent fruity aromas of IPAs, brewers are on the lookout for new ways to develop the style. The ever evolving world of craft brewing has thrown out a whole host of new deri...

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    IPA: The extended family
  • International Beer Day

    For those unaware today is International Beer Day. Held on the first Friday of August each year to celebrate all things beer. The worlds most consumed alcoholic drink has a long history with archaeological evidence showing that Chinese villagers were brewing on a small scale as far back as seven thousand years ago, so there is a lot to celebrate.

    So how does one celebrate International ...

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    International Beer Day
  • Sour Beers - Berliner Weisse

    Craft brewers are an adventurous lot always on the lookout for new methods of brewing and new styles to brew, whether that’s intense hopping or barrel aging or wild fermentation. Sour beers have grown in popularity both with brewers and with drinkers looking to explore and experiment with something different, so it’s no surprise that some have turned to an almost forgotten style...

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    Sour Beers - Berliner Weisse
  • Comfy Sippers

    This week I have picked out a couple of sippers to enjoy. These are unashamedly big, bold beers with abv’s to match so probably best enjoyed slowly. Beers to sip over a long summer evening.

    Storm King from Victory Brewing is an Imperial stout weighing in at 9.1% alcohol but it hides that alcohol well. The smoothness of texture of this beer is evident from the moment you pour i...

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    Comfy Sippers
  • Beers to enjoy with the Match

    The Euros are upon us once again! Time to crack open a cold drink and break out the snacks as we cheer on the boys in green. I have picked out a few easy drinking beers and ciders to enjoy through the group stage.

    First up is one for the cider fans with Sweden versus Ireland. The ever popular Kopparberg Pear with its sweet and fruity flavour and high carbonation level matches well w...

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    Beers to enjoy with the Match

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