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  • A little Mór from our Gin Sale

    We have a lot going on this month and on the run in to that big event in December. Aside from plenty of great offers on wine we have promotions on across our range of spirits, everything from vodka, scotch, cognac, rum, bourbon, liquors. As well as a wide range in our Gin Sale and Irish Whiskey Sale, not to mention a range of craft and world beers on offer.

    With so much happening, there’s a lot to blog about! Time to keep calm, sit down and sip a gin. So that’s exactly what I did last weekend. Now with so many great gins on offer with everything from big name imports like Tanqueray 10 (was €50.00, now €40.00) and Hendricks Gin (was €45.50, now €40.00) to home grown heroes like Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin  (was €49.00, now €44.00), it was a challenge to choose just one.

    I decided on a gin that has rightly been picking up a lot of attention lately. Mór Irish gin is not one I’ve had on the blog to often before so is most definitely overdue. It’s the passion project of Eoin Barra who set up his own micro distillery in his home town of Tullamore. You could say it’s in the blood, as Eoin’s grandfather spent 20 years as master distiller for Tullamore whiskey.

    Eoin runs his own graphic design company, but it was a light bulb moment a few years ago that lead him to pursue his passion and follow his grandfather in to the distilling business.  He then spent two years researching, learning the techniques and perfecting the recipe. That recipe calls for blackberries, cranberries and raspberries infused with juniper, coriander, angelica root & rosemary. The fruit elements are steeped overnight to allow them to macerate and release their flavours before distillation with the core spicy elements. Working with natural ingredients, especially the berried fruit, means accessing and blend and balancing the flavours and through the distilling process to achieve consistency. The distillate is then softened with water directly from the Slieve Bloom mountains. Eoin himself drives a pickup into the mountains to pump this pure water directly from source.

    The result of this care and attention to ingredients and technique is a gin that delivers upfront juniper notes leading to earthier, spicier tones with a distinctive mixed berry character that bursts forth on the finish. Yet it never gets overtly sweet with the earthy spice of angelica, coriander and rosemary balancing out the fruit alongside a tart kick of cranberry.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, you can pick up a bottle of Mór Irish Gin for the great price of €42.95 (down from €48.00) in our gin sale all the way until the New Year. Enjoy it with a quality tonic, lime wedge and a few raspberries. If you are a fan of Mór be sure to keep an eye out for the release of the limited edition Mór Pineapple, coming soon.

    Please note prices are correct at time of publishing, these offers will end on 2nd of January 2018,  please check our website or stores for the most up to date pricing.

  • Autumn Ambers

    Autumn leaves are turning to amber and red, which of course got me thinking about red ale. But what is a red ale? It’s all down to the used of kilned malts such as the aptly named Caramel malt, which lends the beer its red colour, however the colour is, and ought to be, secondary to the primary purpose of creating a great tasting beer.

    There is a whole range of beers that are encompassed within the ‘red/amber ale’ category ranging from delicate and hoppy to robust and toasty, and almost everything in between. The use of different malt types produce flavours from delicate red fruits to bolder toasty tones. Add to this different hop varieties and fermentation methods and the world of red ales becomes quite large.

    So, here is just a few picks from our range of what you might call ‘red ales’.

    Franciscan Well Rebel Red is perhaps what many would consider a traditional Irish red ale, soft and approachable with some smooth caramel tones and a touch of sweetness. You can try this out in our 4 for €10 offer.

    Also in our 4 for €10 can offer is Rascals Big Hop Red, this takes a different approach creating what is often called an ‘American Amber.’ Think red ale but hopped up with fruity varieties of New World hops. Here Rascals have balanced the sweet caramel malt with a big hit of American hops adding a citrus and pine flavour and aroma.

    Dialling down on the hops but in no way losing the flavour and balance is Dot Brew’s Amber Ale. This is a soft, and balanced session ale where the subtle caramel sweetness is lifted with delicate tropical fruit and the lightest hint of pine.

    Carlingford Brewing again takes the red ale style in a very different direction with their Taaffes Red. Here its all about big toasty malt flavours with caramel on the midpalate and red fruits balanced with earthy hop notes.

    Now for something completely different! We do like our red ales in Ireland but of course we are not alone here. The Flemish region of Belgium has a long tradition of brewing red ales albeit quite different to traditional Irish red. Flanders red ales are sour ales aged in cask before blending with younger ales. Expect complex fruitiness reminiscent of red wine, alongside rich malt and an unmistakable sour tang. Perhaps the most famous is Rodenback Grand Cru, well worth checking out.

    As they say, you can have any colour you want, as long as its red!

    Please note prices are correct at time of publishing, these offers will end on 31st October 2017  please check our website or stores for the most up to date pricing.

  • Whiplash

    Whiplash is the passion project of Alex Lawes and  Alan Wolfe. Alex was an award-winning home brewer before turning pro as head brewer with Rye River. Alan takes care of the commercial side and "kicks back with the first beer off the line every time." Whiplash beers, brewed at Rye River and occasionally at other breweries around the country, won’t have a core range as such but instead will focus on batch brewing with rotating favourites and limited releases. The aim is to promote fresh beer with a constantly evolving line up. And to pack their beers with as much flavour as you would expect from their eye catching can and bottle art.

    One of their newest releases is Body Riddle, a session IPA brewed with the level of hopping one would expect from a double IPA. This is a soft and pillowy pale ale just packed with juicy fruit notes of tangerine, grapefruit and passionfruit. You can pick it up as part of our 4 for €10 can offer this month.

    If you fancy something bigger then try out their latest double IPA Saturate. The focus for this beer  is on the Mosaic hop with big tropical aromas and flavours yet, with the deftness of touch shown across all the beers Whiplash produce, this is still extremely soft and easy drinking. At 8.5% its perhaps deceptively easy drinking. Don’t forget these are single release small batch beers, so pick them up before they are all gone.

    Expect more juicy, soft but super hoppy beers coming down the track from these guys along with new interpretations of some lesser seen styles.

  • What’s New

    One of the great things about Irish craft beer is that there are constantly new beers to try and this month is no different. Here are just a few picks from the last couple of weeks with a mix of new core beers and limited releases.

    For those of an adventurous mind set try the collaboration between White Hag and MacIvors Cider, Silver Branch Apple Sour. For this White Hag brewed a golden ale with their own house yeast, which they also use for their Púca, they then blended this golden sour with brett cider from MacIvors. It still maintains a sour beer character but with background flavours of brett cider adding to the complexity. Keep an eye out later in the year as we may see a barrel aged version.

    Lets not forget the hop heads

    For those looking for IPA you could be in no safer hands than with Eight Degrees brewing and their new limited release Trans-Pacific. Brewed with the classic American West coast hop variety Citra and Australian varieties Ella and Vic Secret. This upfront Citra dominated IPA giving zesty tropical fruit notes of grapefruit and passionfruit among others, while the Australians bring spicy and floral aromas and flavours. In short, another all-round excellent IPA from the masters of the style.

    Staying on the IPA theme, Boyne Brewhouse have been busy perfecting their core range and now comes the latest addition Boyne IPA. This is an exceptionally balanced and deceptively easy drinking IPA with notes of citrus, grapefruit and mango and a bright pine bitter finish. It’s easy to see why this was a recent winner of a gold medal and the Alltech Dublin Craft Beer Cup.

    Limited release Roasted Oat Stout

    Rapping up we have two new stouts from Dot Brew, one core and one limited release. First up is their new core beer, American Stout, a creamy and smooth take on a more hopped up stout. As brewer Shane explains ‘this is a step away from new age Black IPA, this new age American stout show cases unique new world hop aromas while maintaining a medium body with a velvety milk chocolate texture with a coffee like bitter finish’. For those who like their stout with a darker character then Dot Brew have you covered here as well with their limited release Roasted Oat Stout. As the name implies this has a toasty edge to the character while maintaining a creamy smoothness to the body, helped no doubt by its time aging in American oak barrel.

    All these beers are included in our Irish craft beer sale. With 6 for 5 across our range of craft beers and ciders there is something for everyone’s tastes.

    6 for 5 across a range of Irish craft beers and ciders

  • On the third day of Christmas O’Briens brought to me….

    Three new Irish gins!

    We are constantly on the lookout for great new craft spirits and our search has lead us to three new Irish graft gins in time for Christmas. So, forget about ‘three French hens’ and pick up one of these for the gin lover in your life, or treat yourself.

    The Mór signature serve

    Our first gin, Mór, is a fruity and floral gin produced in small batches in Tullamore. The recipe represents 18 months of development by distiller Eoin Bara. Firstly, the softer fruit flavours like blackberry, raspberry and cranberry are achieved by seeping the fruit for 24 hours. The floral and spice flavours are achieved by vapour distillation of botanicals like juniper, angelica, coriander and rosemary. Working with natural ingredients and the variation this brings means accessing each component before blending the two together for the perfect balance. Try their signature serve with tonic, lime and raspberry for a fresh and fruity G&T.

    Bonac 24 distilled in Newtownmountkennedy, county Wicklow

    We didn’t have to go far to find Bonac 24, our second gin! This brand new release is produced by Gavin Clifford one of our store colleges and his father and is distilled using a in a traditional copper pot still. The name derives from a place in New York that Gavin spent a lot of time in, 24 was added as it was the 24th trail when the pair achieved the exact flavour profile they were looking for. That flavour is a perfect balance of delicate citrus, fresh mint and spicier elements like star anise and cardamom.

    The view at the Boatyard distillery

    Heading north to a former boatyard on the banks of the picturesque Lough Erne, we have Boatyard Double gin. Boatyard is the brain child of Joe McGirr who brings years of experience working with household names like Glenmorangie and Moet Hennessy. Double gin is a traditional Dutch style of distilling where the spirit is given a second contact with fresh botanicals to give greater depth of flavour. Everything about Boatyard distillery is about attention to detail, authenticity, and provenance, from taking the unusual step of making their own base spirit, an organic wheat spirit, to their beautiful label that has been printed on a 1960's letterpress printer. The result is a gin with classic Juniper led character backed up with a complex mix of spicy root botanicals and light citrus notes.

    You will find these three great new gins along with many more in our Gin Sale running throughout Christmas.

    Take your pick - 3 great gins

  • Rye-sons to be cheerful

    rye sunset

    If you have tasted any American rye whiskies, you will know the distinctive spice character the grain adds to the spirit. Now, more and more brewers are turning to rye. In beer it gives a gives a spicy, earthy, and almost sour character and a crisper dryer mouthfeel. Rye beers can run the gauntlet from tropical hop bombs with just a touch of spicy rye character to brooding, dark, earthy brews.

    In brewing a little rye goes a long way, usually making up less than 20% of the overall malt bill. Even a small amount of rye carries the spiciness through and can be a great match to spicier hops that accentuate the earthy spicy flavour of the rye or act as a foil to zingy citrus hops. Above the 20% mark rye becomes more dominant with those spicy and earthy tones becoming more assertive.

    rye bottles

    Try out these three great rye beers, to keep you cheerful in this changeable Autumn weather.

    Dot Brew Session Rye shows how rye can be used in a delicate and sessionable ale. Restrained use of hops gives subtle mango, peach, and pine notes to support the unmistakeable spicy and toasty rye character. This is an ale of superb balance and complexity.

    Wood Key take their cue from the American Amber style for The Ravens.  The light caramel malt body and citrus hops is counterpointed with a light touch of rye for spiciness and nuttiness. European Bramling Cross hops add an extra layer of mild blackcurrant to the spice.

    As brewer Jon notes Third Circle Rye Stout “is not your traditional Irish stout”. It is brewed using a mix of roasted rye, chocolate rye and flaked rye alongside malted barley and malted wheat. Those distinctive spicy earthy rye notes make themselves known alongside dark chocolate and coffee with a touch of fruitiness from the Belgian yeast used.

    Rye-sons to be cheerful Part 2.

    These rye beers along with over 150 other Irish craft beers are currently 6 for the price of 5 in our sale. But be quick this offer must end this Sunday.

    rye crop

  • Who What Wheat Where

    OBrother Collab Bottle Shot

    WHO:                   O'Briens & O Brother Brewing

    WHAT:                 An American Wheat IPA

    WHEAT:               Yes Wheat!

    WHERE:               Available in O’Brien’s stores and on-line

    O’Briens are delighted to introduce Who What Wheat Where, a limited release collaboration brew made with the guys at O Brother Brewing.

    O Brother is a family owned and run business, set up by 3 brothers from Bray, making bold flavoursome beers. It has been great working with O Brother Brewing in their first year. A year that has seen them pick up numerous awards for some fantastic beers, and rightly so for a brewery so intensely quality focussed. So when they approached us with the idea of a collaboration we jumped at the chance!

    After running through some different ideas we settled on an American Wheat IPA. If you are interested in how it was made you can check out my brew day blog post here.

    O Brother Brewing - Alan Rowlette Photography 162

    But what’s it like?

    Well the first thing you get is a heady aroma of punchy hops. We dry hopped with Ahtanum, Centennial, Summit, Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe for a big aroma hit of spicy citrus, tropical fruit and pine along with some lighter floral and deeper earthy tones.

    Those hoppy aromas follow to the flavour adding some more resinous hop notes and that unmistakable wheat profile. The 50% wheat in the malt bill lends a spicy wheat character, cloudy appearance and robust yet silky smooth mouthfeel before it all rounds out with a long clean citrus and bitter hop pine finish.

    A big thank you to O Brother Brewing for giving us the opportunity to come out and brew with them.

    We hope you enjoy drinking our collaboration beer as much as we enjoyed making it.

    brew day 4

  • Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin

    Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin, the newest addition to our growing gin range, has landed.

    The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim is Connacht’s first distillery in over 101 years and fittingly Gunpowder Gin their first release is also Connacht’s first gin.

    This gin is batch distilled by a small team of six who follow a meticulous distillation process to create this unique gin. All natural oriental botanicals such as Star Anise and Angelica Root along with Juniper berries and locally foraged Meadowsweet are allowed to steep in a beautiful steam fired copper pot.

    While these are soaking the distillers are busy preparing the vapour infusion. Oriental lemons, limes and fresh grapefruit is added to the infusion basket together with the star of the show Gunpowder Tea. This is a form of Chinese green tea which is dried and rolled into small shiny pellets which produces a bright, fresh and slightly spicy flavour.


    Once the vapour infusion is prepared the steam is gently applied and vapour rises through the neck of the still carrying with it the essential oils of the steeped botanicals before exiting the still and passing through the infusion basket where it gently extracts the oils and aromas form the more delicate citrus and tea.

    This twostep method creates complex spicy flavours and aromas married to the delicate fresh citrus and Gunpowder Tea notes. Discover this expertly crafted balance for yourself with Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin now in our gin sale.


  • Easter Beer Sale

    This is the final week of our Irish Craft Beer Sale which must end Easter Monday. With that in mind I have picked out a selection of beers to try this Easter.

    If you are planning on having a traditional roast lamb you will need a beer with a rich malt character like St Mels Brown Ale. The steady carbonation and dry hopped citrus notes of this beer also help cut through the fattiness of lamb.

    Alternatively get a bit adventurous and pair your lamb with some Buck It from Co. Roscommon based Black Donkey Brewing.  Buck It is combination of American amber, Irish red and a Belgian dubbel styles which brewer Richard Siberry describes as a malt-bomb. An unusual mix of styles that is all the better for it.

    The Pilgrim by Wood Key takes its influence from the traditional Irish style coupled with northern German and English malt profiles. This is a smooth drinking, malt driven red ale with a touch of pithy hop bitterness that matches superbly with rich gravy.

    Perhaps Easter for you Easter is all about chocolate eggs. Well there’s beer for that too. A classic match is stout and here I would recommend the Lublin to Dublin, a collaboration between O’Hara’s and Polish brewers Pinta. This is a milk stout in which the brewers added milk sugars to the brew to give it sweetness and a full velvety body with pairs perfectly with milk chocolate.

    For those of a hoppier disposition then Vic Secret from 8 Degrees brewing is one to seek out. Lulling you in with its dark colour and creamy head before opening up with tropical fruit over its dark malt body, this Black IPA is a great match for  chocolate infused with  spices, like chilli or sea salt.

    Staying with 8 Degrees their Mór Barleywine is, as the name implies, big, bold and boozy. With smooth caramel and dried fruit flavour on a chewy body this is one to sip with some rich and gooey dark chocolate truffles.

    Don’t forget made to order craft beer hampers are available in your local O’Brien’s store. Perfect for an Easter treat.

  • Picks from our Whiskey sale

    Our Irish Whiskey sale continues this week and I have picked out a trio of Irish Whiskeys made at the multi award winning Cooley distillery in Dundalk that offer a little something different.  These expressions of Irish Whiskey that show the diversity of styles now being produced in Ireland. 

    Kilbeggan 8 year old, previously known as Greenore, is a single grain whiskey distilled in column stills using with white corn and then aged exclusively in ex Kentucky Bourbon barrels. This produces a very approachable whiskey that is smooth and light bodied with tropical flavours and a touch of spicing from the oak. Well deserving of its Gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

    On the other end of the flavour spectrum is the Connemara Peated Single Malt. This is a revival of a style that had disappeared in Ireland in the 20th century. This is a full bodied and rich malty whiskey with pungent peat smokiness. Not to be confused with the smoky whisky of our Scottish neighbours this has a definite Irish accent underneath the peat with soft honey and golden pear notes. Easy to see why it has won awards the world over.

    To round up I would recommend the Tyrconnell Port Cask. This single malt whiskey is double distilled resulting in an upfront and rich flavour profile. It is then matured for 10 years, first aged in American Bourbon barrel for nine years then finished in port cask which lends a complex sweet dried fruit character. Add a drop of water to really release the fruit notes.

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