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  • A Decidedly Mediterranean Gin

    Over the last couple of weeks I have picked out a number of new and interesting gins from our line-up. However, for this week’s blog I have focused on just one to fully understand the care and attention that goes into distillation of some of these great spirits. I could have picked from an array of great gins that showcase attention to detail with ingredients or distillation techn...

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    A Decidedly Mediterranean Gin
  • Unusual Gin

    There is a vast array of different gins on the market, generally they fall into a few different categories depending on the botanicals used, distillation method or where in the world it is produced. One such category that is rarely seen in quality gin nowadays is cold compound gin.

    Cold compounding simply means infusing the base spirit with botanicals rather than adding the b...

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    Unusual Gin
  • The Great Gin Hunt

    Here at O’Briens we have been searching out some of the very best and most interesting gins from around the world. Each week we taste, nose and examine gins from around the world looking for unique and interesting flavours and aromas. We are looking for gins that have a story to tell or an interesting approach be that through unusual botanicals or distillation methods. Above all of ...

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    The Great Gin Hunt
  • Getting into the Spirit of Mothers Day

    Just in case you forgot, Mother’s Day is this Sunday the 26th of March. Yes, this Sunday! But don’t worry, there is plenty on offer in your local O’Briens to mark the occasion.

    We have something to suit everyone’s taste. So, forget about the bath set or novelty mug and get them something they will really enjoy. A bottle of fine spirits, and the time to relax and enjoy t...

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    Getting into the Spirit of Mothers Day
  • Reviving a Spirit

    There is perhaps no other drink that brings with it such a great degree of infamy in the public mind as absinthe. But what is absinthe and is its reputation truly warranted?

    Absinthe is distilled in a similar method to gin, where the botanicals are macerated in base alcohol and redistilled. A wide range of herbs can be used in the production of absinthe with the primary three...

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    Reviving a Spirit
  • The Scottish Gin Revival

    Gin production in Britain has had a chequered history with social commentators of the mid 18th century declaiming it the ruination of society. At the time over 6,000 houses in London where selling cheap, poor quality gin. Many saw this “gin craze” as the root of the crime and poverty of the era. Something needed to be done, and so a series of laws were introduced to restrict bot...

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    The Scottish Gin Revival
  • Our inside track on Rum

    Rum is one of the most versatile spirits, whether as the base in a cocktail or sipped straight. There is also a wide variety in how it is produced with countries or regions having their own traditions for the production. Some use column stills and some use pot stills along with a wide variety of wild and cultured yeasts. However the common factors is the sugar cane plant.


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    Our inside track on Rum
  • Sipping Tequila

    Forget about shots, slammers and Margaritas, premium Tequilas offer up a unique combination of fruit and spice flavours to enjoy when sipped straight or over ice.

    The blue Agave plant is the key to the distinctive flavour of Tequila. This spiky plant grows wild across Mexico but only spirits distilled from agave grown in the volcanic soil of Jalisco state and some surrounding a...

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    Sipping Tequila
  • Gin Resurgence

    There has been a resurgence in gin production and appreciation across the world in the last few years. The Irish have not been found wanting in this area with a surge of micro distilleries producing world class small batch gins.  A new breed of distillers are experimenting and innovating to offer more choice than ever before with a fantastic diversity in the taste of different gins.<...

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