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  1. 2018 X Chocalan 2 Btl Gift

    Chocalan Twin - 2 Bottle Gift

    A Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc duo from this family owned estate. Both wines are bursting with vibrant fresh varietal fruit flavours. Learn More
  2. 2018 X Julia Florista 2 Btl Gi

    Júlia Florista - 2 Bottle Gift

    This Portugese pair offers a fresh fruity white and a soft, super red at unbeatable value for money - an ideal combination for festive parties. Learn More
  3. Porta 6 - 2 Bottle Gift

    Porta 6 - 2 Bottle Gift

    Working with traditional Portuguese varieties, the red is jam-packed with bramble fruit and the white is fresh and full flavoured with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Learn More
  4. 2018 X Monte Real Twin

    Monte Real Twin - 2 Bottle Gift

    A delicious match of two of Spain's most delicious grape varieties; a supple juicy red Rioja Tempranillo and the trendy Galician Albariño with ripe pear and citrus fruits. Learn More
  5. Bollinger Special Cuvee

    Bollinger Special Cuvee

    Rich and full in style with lots of rich yeasty biscuity flavour and thrilling apple/pear fruit, the Champagne of choice for James Bond and no wonder, it is one of the best non-vintage Champagnes. Learn More

    Regular Price: €64.00

    Special Price €55.00

  6. 2018 X Vigneti de Sole Twin

    Vigneti de Sole - 2 Bottle Gift

    Offering two of Italy's most popular wine varietals, the Pinot Grigio is fresh and easy-drinking, while the Montepulciano is packed with juicy, ripe red fruits. Learn More
  7. 2018 X Classic Reds 12 Btl

    Classic Reds - 12 Bottle Case

    The Classic Red Case offers some of our customers' favourite festive warmers. From Rioja to Mendoza, there is something to suit every palate. This case contains;
    2 x Norton Barrel Select Malbec
    2 x Porta Nova Ripasso
    2 x Marques de la Concordia Rioja Reserva
    2 x Reserve de Bonpas Côtes du Rhône
    2 x Leyda Pinot Noir Reserva
    2 x Château de Paraza
    Learn More

    Regular Price: €204.40

    Special Price €150.00

  8. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin 70cl

    Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin 70cl

    Smooth & spicy gin with oriental Gunpowder Tea botanical. Learn More

    Regular Price: €49.00

    Special Price €39.95

  9. Laurent Perrier Rose

    Laurent Perrier Rosé

    The shape of the badge on the bottle dates back from Henry V and is one of the rare Pink Champagnes obtained by maceration which gives its remarkable flavour. Learn More

    Regular Price: €92.00

    Special Price €77.00

  10. 2018 X Montgras Twin

    MontGras Twin - 2 Bottle Gift

    As these wines show, Chile is a world-beater when it comes to making good value varietal wines. This Sauvignon is zesty and aromatic and the Merlot, juicy and smooth. Learn More
  11. 2018 X Chateau Ricaud Twin

    Château Ricaud Twin - 2 Bottle Gift

    The wines of Château de Ricaud are fruit driven in style and of premium quality. The white is dry and crisp and the red is supple, black fruited and shows some structure. Learn More
  12. Romeo & Juliet Passimento - 2 Bottle Gift

    Romeo & Juliet Passimento - 2 Bottle Gift

    A tribute to Juliet's balcony in Verona, both the red and white wines are made with Passimento semi-dried grapes, giving intense, opulent cuvees of great depth. Learn More
  13. 2018 X GB 3 Btl Wood Gift

    Gérard Bertrand - 3 Bottle Wood Gift

    Gérard Bertrand has forged an international reputation for the wine growing estates and wines of the Languedoc region. These wines perfectly display his passion for the region and the local grape varieties. Learn More
  14. 2018 X Chanson Fl/Ch 2 Btl

    Chanson Twin - Fleurie & Chablis

    Bollinger owned Chanson spare no expense in their mission to make high quality wines at affordable prices. This steely Chablis and aromatic Fleurie clearly demonstrate this. Learn More
  15. Dingle Gin 70cl Gift Pack

    Dingle Gin 70cl Gift Pack

    Delicious Dingle gin presented with branded glass, spirits measure, pot of juniper berries and cocktail recipe book. Everything a gin lover needs. Learn More
  16. Yellow Spot Whiskey 70cl

    Yellow Spot Whiskey 70cl

    Yellow Spot is special in that it contains single pot still whiskey that has been matured for a full 12 year period in three oak cask types: American bourbon barrels, Spanish sherry butts and uniquely, Spanish Malaga casks. Learn More

    Regular Price: €79.95

    Special Price €70.00

  17. Lanson Black Label NV

    Lanson Black Label NV

    After ageing for a minimum of 3 years in the cellars, Lanson Black Label is harmonious and fully matured. It has a brilliant, clear colour with amber highlights and a joyful stream of fine bubbles. Learn More

    Regular Price: €49.95

    Special Price €37.95

  18. Grey Goose 70cl Gift Tin

    Grey Goose 70cl Gift Tin

    World renounced super premium wheat vodka, distilled in the Cognac region of France. Fresh and clean with a smooth, creamy texture. Presented in a branded gift tin. Learn More

    Regular Price: €57.50

    Special Price €50.00

  19. Beer Club 3 Month Sub Web Only

    Craft Club 3 Month Subscription

    Three month subscription to our Craft Club with a selection of 6 different beers delivered each month.
    Learn More
  20. 2018 X Premium Selectio 12 Btl

    The Premium Selection - 12 Bottle Case

    For a special treat or the perfect gift, this case highlights premium benchmark classic wines from both the new and old world regions of the world. This case contains;
    2 x Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc
    2 x Brocard Chablis
    2 x Dauny Pere & Fils Sancerre
    2 x Rizzardi Pojega Ripasso
    2 x Chateau Fourcas Hosten
    2 x Sierra Cantabria Rioja Reserva
    Learn More

    Regular Price: €280.40

    Special Price €250.00

  21. 12 Days of Christmas Box

    12 Days of Christmas Beer Box

    A selection of twelve different beers, a surprise behind each window. The perfect seasonal gift for the beer lover in your life. Learn More
  22. Woodford Reserve 70cl Gift Pk

    Woodford Reserve 70cl Glass Gift Pack

    Iconic Kentucky whisky, guaranteed to please the bourbon fans. Full yet silky smooth bourbon with layers of rich rye spicing, citrus and chewy caramel and chocolate. Presented in a gift box with glass. Learn More
  23. Brewdog 12 Can Gift Box

    Brewdog Mixed Case - 12 Can Case

    A mixed case selection of excellent Brewdog beers. This case contains;
    12 cans of Brewdog Beer
    2 x Brewdog Glasses
    1 x Brewdog Can Koozie
    1 x Tasting Notes
    Learn More
  24. Rizzardi Pojega Ripasso Magnum

    Rizzardi Pojega Ripasso Magnum

    This is quite simply one of the best Ripassos mady by anyone, year in year out it gets top ratings from major critics. An elegant style with pure wild cherry fruit and sweet spice. Very smooth. Learn More
  25. 2018 X Ch Haut Mouleyre Twin

    Château Haut-Mouleyre - 2 Bottle Gift

    A fresh and easy-drinking white wine bursting with aromatic citrus fruits, and the Château Haut-Mouleyre red with bold bramble fruits of quality Bordeaux, with a sensible touch of oak. Learn More
  26. 2016 X Charmes de Kirwan 3 Btl

    Charmes de Kirwan - 3 Bottle Gift

    Hailing from the prestigious Château Kirwan, this Margaux is made from younger vines and is a silky Bordeaux with plenty of structure and an intense mid-palate. Learn More
  27. Hendricks Garden Unusual 70cl

    Hendricks Garden of Unusual Wonder 70cl

    Hendrick's quickly became a modern classic in the gin world with its intricate flavour profile lead by rose petal and cucumber infusions. Presented in a gift box with Hendrick's Tea Cup. Learn More

    Regular Price: €44.00

    Special Price €39.95

  28. Kinnegar 12 Btl Gift Box

    Kinnegar Mixed Case - 12 Bottle Case

    Mixed case of Kinnegar beer and merchandise. This case contains;
    12 bottles of Kinnegar Beer
    2 x Kinnegar Glasses
    1 x Kinnegar T-Shirt
    1 x Tasting Notes
    Learn More
  29. 2018 x GB 2 Btl Twin Gift

    Gérard Bertrand Grand Terroir Twin - 2 Bottle Gift

    Award-winning winemaker Gérard Bertrand is focused on purity, balance and elegance for his Grand Terroir range. These two red wines are a true reflection of the Languedoc region. Learn More
  30. Hennessy VSOP Gift Pack 70cl

    Hennessy VSOP 2 Glass Pack 70cl

    Exceptional Cognac. Presented in a branded gift box with glasses. Learn More

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