Bordeaux En Primeur 2021

By Lynne Coyle MW | O'Briens Wine Director

After two lockdown vintages, the 2021 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign was held in France last month. It was wonderful to be able to travel to Bordeaux and taste the latest vintage alongside the winemakers.

It was a difficult vintage, but the best wines displayed a wonderful freshness and finesse.

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The 2021 Bordeaux vintage is being hailed as the 'Miracle Vintage' by some winemakers: between late frosts and a cool, damp summer, it was a difficult vintage, and grape yields were significantly reduced compared to recent years. However, late September warmth meant that the winemakers who were brave enough to leave the grapes on the vines and harvest late, were rewarded with excellent quality fruit.


The cooler 2021 vintage conditions imparted an aromatic freshness and vibrant acidity to the best wines, which generally display lower alcohol levels than those of recent, warmer vintages. Despite the quantity of wine being lower than recent years, the quality is undiminished and the 2021 vintage has been well received by critics. 


Our Bordeaux En Primeur 2021 offering presents the opportunity to purchase the 2021 vintage wines whilst they are still maturing in oak barrels at the Châteaux in France. There is a chance the value of these wines may increase in the future and purchasing at a fixed price now often represents the best value for these fine wines*. The wines will arrive in Dublin in spring/summer 2024, after they have finished ageing in barrel and are bottled in Bordeaux. 


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  1. In the spring/summer of 2024 you will be invoiced for the Excise Duty and VAT associated with your purchase.
  2. The 2021 vintage wines will be bottled and released by the Châteaux in the spring of 2024 at which time we will ship the wines from France to your preferred location in Ireland. The cost of shipping is included in the price paid today.


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*Please note that fine wine prices fluctuate with market demand and there is no guarantee on future valuation.

**Taxes will be charged at the rate set by revenue when the wines arrive in the country. For estimation purposes the current Excise Duty rates in Ireland is €3.19 per bottle (€19.14 per six bottle case) and 23% VAT