O'Briens Wine Compass

O'Briens Wine Compass

By Lynne Coyle, Master of Wine | O'Briens Wine Director

What is the O Briens Wine Compass?

The O’Briens Wine Compass is a unique tool to help you explore the exciting world of wine.


With over 1,000 wines on our shelves, knowing which bottle to buy next can be confusing, so we have designed the Wine Compass to help you navigate the wonderful world of wine, making it easier to discover new wines we know you'll love!


We have condensed all of our white and red wines into six convenient categories that each share common characteristics. For example, if you love a dry refreshing Sauvignon Blanc on a warm summer evening, we know you’ll love Albarino Contrapunto; it's fine and fruity with a pleasant floral note. If you know you love one wine, it's easy to discover something new with the flavour charastics you know you love.


The broad world of wine offers endless exploration, so use our unique Wine Compass to help you navigate your wine journey!


Dry Refreshing White

What is a Dry Refreshing White Wine?

Dry wines with a moderate aroma profile and light to medium body. These wines are easy-drinking in style with nosignificant oak influence, refreshing acidity and good primary fruit flavours.


Flavour Profile

Green apple / Green Pear / Lemon / Lime / Greengage / Honeydew melon


Aromatic Fruity White

What is an Aromatic Fruity White Wine?

Wines with powerful aromatic profiles, with a heady bouquet of fruit, flowers or herbs. The aromas come from natural compounds in the grape variety and this fruity style of wine can be found in dry and off-dry styles.


Flavour Profile

Grapefruit / Red Apple / Apple Blossom / Bell Pepper/ Basil / Goosberry

Rich Lucious White

What is a Rich Lucious White Wine?

The most full-bodied and richly textured dry white wines.

Many will have a significant influence from the winemaker,

such as oak fermentation,barrel ageing and extended

lees contact giving a luscious mouthfeel.


Flavour Profile

Honey / Mango / Butttered Toast / Qunice / Pineapple / Lemon

Juicy Lively Red

What is Juicy Lively Red Wine?

Lighter in tannin and body, usually with noticeable fresh acidity and bright juicy fruit flavours. These lively wines are generally from cooler climates, do not express a heavy oak influence and are often made to be drunk young.


Flavour Profile

Raspberry / Strawberry / Red Currant / Cranberry / Lavendar / Nutmeg

Smooth Supple Red

What is Smooth Supple Red Wine?

Easy-drinking, medium-bodied red wines, darker in colour with

moderate tannin levels and soft, smooth, supple fruit flavours

that tend to lean towards darker fruits. They will often express

some subtle use of oak.


Flavour Profile

Blackberry / Cherry / Blueberry / Thyme / Vanilla / Nutmeg

Rich Robust Red

What is Rich Robust Red Wine?

The heaviest and most full-bodied red wines with a rich,

robust body and rich, ripe fruit flavour profile. They will often

have higher alcohol and tannin levels and many will have a

significant influence from the winemaker, including extended

oak ageing.


Flavour Profile

Blackkcurrant / Black Olive / Plum/ Cinamon / Vanilla / Espresso

Lynne Coyle MW is O’Briens Wine Director and sources and selects our wine and Champagne range. One of only 420 Masters of Wine worldwide, she has dedicated her career to the food and drinks industry. Lynne also writes, judges at international wine competitions, is a Wine & Spirit Education Trust Certified Educator and makes her own wines in Spain.