Cave de Lugny

Mâconnais, France

With their 18th century roots, Cave de Lugny are a cooperative in Mâcon representing 200 wine estates and domains farming 1,300 hectares from 25 villages.




Located at the southern tip of the Bourgogne region in the Mâconnais. The area benefits from a Mediterranean influence and enjoys dryer, sunnier weather than the rest of the region. This, combined with the soil, works well for the Chardonnay grapes of the grower’s vineyards.


Considered to be Chardonnay specialists, and leaders among Cave Cooperatives, growers follow an integrated quality management system which includes employing sustainable farming methods for their vineyard work.


The vineyard sites are clay and limestone based, the Chardonnay grown here has purity but some richness and intensity due to the weather.