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Brenda McCormick | Copywriter

A Quick Guide To Rosé Wine

A glass of rosé has become something of a summer staple in recent years. In fact, according to Drinks Ireland’s Wine 2020 Market Report*, rosé wine has doubled its market share since 2016 and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down!

If you’re new to the world of rosé wines, we've put together a quick guide to this delicious wine style. Along with some insight into how rosé is made (Is rosé really a blend of red and white grapes? Is it always sweet?), you'll also find some gorgeous rosés to check out below.   

What is rosé wine made from?  

Rosé is made with dark-skinned grape varieties and it is the skins that give the wines that characteristic pink hue. Blends of grape varieties are often used and common grape varieties you'll find in rosés include Pinot Noir, Grenache and Syrah.

How is it made? 

The traditional method is maceration. The fermenting process for rosé begins in the same way as with red wine but the skins are removed after a shorter amount of time. For rosé wines, just a few hours can be sufficient to give the desired depth of colour and delicate fruit aromas and flavours.

Are all rosés the same colour?

No, there is a veritable rainbow of shades to be found in the world of rosé wine from the palest salmon pink through to more orange tones. The colour is mostly dependent on the length of time the wine was in contact the grape skins. 

Where are the best rosés made?

You can get good rosé wines from countries all over the world, from Italy to America, but the wine is definitely synonymous with Provence in the south of France.

Can you pair rosés with food?

Absolutely! A good rosé can work well with Mediterranean dishes such as salads, grilled vegetables and seafood. It’s the perfect wine to elevate a picnic or summer lunch.

In the Pink: Our Top Rosé Wines To Try

PASQUA 11 Minutes Rosé 

Veneto, Italy
WAS €19.95 NOW €14.96 (Part of our Rosé Wine Sale. Price valid until 28 August 2023.)

One of our top-selling rosés, Pasqua 11 Minutes gets its name from the amount of time the wine is in contact with the red grape skins. It's a gorgeous salmon pink hue with raspberry, strawberry and pink grapefruit notes. And the bottle is a beauty too!


Born Rosé Barcelona

Catalonia, Spain
Was €20.95 Now €15.71 (Part of our Rosé Wine Sale. Price valid until 28 August 2023.)

If you’re looking for a new rosé to try, this very cool option from Barcelona should fit the bill. Made from a blend of Black Grenache and Tempranillo, it’s packed with floral and tropical notes and has a lovely fresh acidity.


Solara Rose

WAS price €14.95 NOW price €11.21 (Part of our Rosé Wine Sale. Price valid until 28 August 2023.)

Solara Rosé comes from a popular winery in Romania, a country that has a long winemaking history. Full of flavour, with lots of raspberry and floral notes along with a crisp zesty finish, this is a great value rosé.


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