Everything You Need To Know About Grower Champagne

Everything You Need To Know About Grower Champagne

The Champagne world is full of great wines from big names but there are also winemakers creating delicious "grower Champagnes" that are a little bit special. There is increasing interest in these artisan wines but just how do they differ from big name Champagnes? And what is the ethos behind them? Read on to find out tells you everything you need to know about grower Champagnes. 

Above: O'Briens Wine Director, Lynne Coyle Master of Wine explains why grower Champagnes are well worth seeking out. 

What is a grower Champagne? 

“Grower Champagne houses make their wines from their own grapes grown in their own vineyards,” Lynne explains. “These are typically terroir Champagnes coming from family plots, single vineyards or specific villages within the Champagne region.”

How is it different to other Champagnes? 

The well-known branded Champagne houses typically buy in grapes or wines to sell under their brand name. Grower Champagnes are typically crafted by small independent winemakers who are responsible for everything from the grape growing to the winemaking to the bottling.

Why are grower Champagnes worth seeking out? 

Similar to artisan or single origin food producers, who create quality products from start to finish, grower Champagnes are all about authenticity and can offer something truly unique flavour-wise. If you’re looking for something a little special or love a wine with a great story this is perfect.

How can you tell if a Champagne is a grower Champagne?

You'll be able to identify a grower Champagne by a "RM" (Récoltant-Manipulant) on the label.

Champagne Bruno Roulot Brut Tradition

Champagne, France

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Want to see what all the fuss is about?  Give this vibrant sparkler a try. Established in 1962, this independent family winemaker make their own Champagne from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. This delicious bubbly is a fine example of the quality you can get from a grower Champagne - check out the video above to find out why Lynne Coyle loves it.


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