Posh Pink - Premium Pink Gins

Posh Pink - Premium Pink Gins

By Paul Barry | Assistant Buyer: Beer & Spirits

Below are a few premium Irish options for your pink gin fix. What’s better, you can pick these up in our this month, in store and on line.

Pink gins are growing in popularity. They bring a touch of fun to the table. There are also some very approachable gins with subtly fruity flavours and not too much spice. The downside, some can be overly sweet and cloying. Enter Posh Pinks - Premium Gins, naturally and subtlety flavoured and coloured with balance and finesse.


Glendalough Rose

To make this pink gin Glendalough have rebalanced the botanicals from their flagship Wild Botanical gin. Adjusting the recipe with extra fruit and flowers. The star of the show however is the slow, vapour distilled rose. Three varieties of rose to be exact, with Wild Rose, Heritage Rose & Damask Rose each adding to the complexity. The result is fresh, floral and flavourful gin with a great depth of flavour.


Listoke Cacao and Raspberries

This gin is distilled using 21st century distillation equipment housed in a 200-year-old stable on the grounds of Listoke House in Co. Louth. It is a combination of traditional and inspiring botanicals growing both in the wild and in the Edwardian walled gardens at Listoke estate. This brand new pink gin is flavoured with Cacao and Raspberries and not sweetened. It is a “a gin lovers pink gin as opposed to a sugar rush one”, smooth and silky with bright raspberry with a zingy finish.


Graham Norton Pink

This new gin from presenter Graham Norton takes inspiration from his West Cork roots. Made from 100% Irish grain and using botanicals local to West Cork, gathered by local forager Stephanie O’Toole, such as gooseberry, rose hips and fuchsia petals. These are blended with classic citrus and spice botanicals before the final rose infusion lends the pink hue. This is a fragrant, smooth and balanced gin; summer berries and wild rose tones bring some sweetness before finishing with a touch of spice.