Caves de la Loire
Loire Valley, France

Les Caves de la Loire is a co-op located south of Angers in the Loire Valley, France. It has sixty years of history with 120 growers and farms 1,600 hectares of vineyards.

The climate in this part of the Loire Valley is mild-continental, it is tempered by the Vandée forests and there is also some maritime influence from the Atlantic Ocean.

Frederic Moreau liaises with each grower and offers viticultural advice throughout the year including the grape harvest. Growers follow a sustainable farming and traceability program and are certified by Agri Confiance and Vignerons Développement Durable.

The Cave de la Loire specialise in the Sauvignon Blanc grape and have a reputation for innovative winemaking that showcases the various terroirs that grow Sauvignon Blanc.

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