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The O’Briens Loyalty Club is the customer rewards program for O’Briens Wine where any customer over the age of 18 can join, collect and spend points on purchases in O’Briens. The benefits of Loyalty Membership are bonus days where extra points can be collected, our weekly newsletter containing our latest offers on wine, beer & spirits, exclusive loyalty offers, product launches as well as first options on tickets for our wine tasting events and festivals.

You can sign up in any of our stores and receive a physical card to carry in your wallet. You will also have access to an online account in which you can track your points.  Customers who shop online and create an account are automatically included in our Loyalty Club. 

Once registered you will be able to earn, spend points and you can opt in to receive our weekly newsletter and SMS. You can collect points online as well as in-store, just make sure to add your Loyalty card number to your online account.

Once you have accumulated 500 points (ie. €5) AND registered your card you can redeem points against any purchase made in O'Briens. You must produce your loyalty card at the point of purchase in the same way you would a credit card or gift card and the points on the card will be deducted from the transaction total. Points cannot be redeemed without your loyalty card.

To keep things as simple as possible we use the same login and registration form online for web and loyalty. Once you log in to your online account you can manage your details and communication preferences. If you associate your loyalty card that you use in-store with your online account you will be able to view your transaction history and current points balance too.

If you are having any difficulties registering an account or associating your loyalty card with an existing online account just send an email to loyalty@obrienswine.ie with your full name, loyalty card number and we’ll look after things for you.

You can check your points balance online by logging into your account online or by presenting your loyalty card in any store. Remember that it can take up to 24 hours for this balance to reflect all transactions.

Registered details such as email address, postal address or contact phone numbers can be updated in any of our stores or via your online account page. To access these details just follow the instructions above on accessing your account. If you registered in-store and did not provide us with an email address then you can send an email to loyalty@obrienswine.ie along with your card number and the details you wish to change.

Yes you can change your contact preferences at any time via your online account, in-store or by unsubscribing on our GDPR compliant emails and SMS.

If you have any issues with this please contact our loyalty team loyalty@obrienswine.ie

If your card is lost or stolen you can report it in any of our stores or by sending an email to loyalty@obrienswine.ie. Please include your full name, registered postal address and your loyalty card number (if you have kept a record of it). You can pick up a new card in any of our stores and fill out the form indicating that it is a replacement card. We’ll transfer the points from your old card within 15 working days to your new account.

Please note that we are unable to re-issue or transfer the balance on a lost or stolen loyalty card if it has not been registered.

No problem, you can bring your receipt and loyalty card to any of our stores, within 30 days and they will add your points to your account, alternatively email your loyalty card number and transaction reference number (displayed on your store receipt) to loyalty@obrienswine.ie.


You MUST be over 18 years of age to have an O’Briens loyalty card. To qualify for points, please present this card at the point of purchase. The loyalty card remains the property of O’Briens, but it is yours to use and enjoy. Points collected cannot be redeemed unless the loyalty card has been registered. Points can only be used against purchases if the point balance exceeds 500 points and the card is registered. For queries call (01) 269 3139 or email loyalty@obrienswine.ie.

Earning Points

Points are calculated on the value of goods purchased after all special offers and discounts have been taken into account. From time to time O’Briens may award bonus points on selected items. While we will of course do our best to let you know in advance of these offers, we reserve the right to add and remove these points without prior notification. Points can only be earned in-store when you produce your loyalty card. Where you are not in possession of your loyalty card, you may retain your receipt and present it along with your card in the same store within 30 days of the original transaction. Under no circumstances will points be retrospectively added without proof of purchase by way of a valid receipt. Points are automatically awarded online if you complete a purchase while you are logged in. Transactions completed as a guest will not receive loyalty points. Where you register your loyalty card online then points earned online will be linked to your in-store loyalty account. However you do not need to register a card to earn and spend loyalty points online. 

Spending Points

Points cannot be exchanged for cash. Each point has an equivalent value of one cent (€0.01) and can be used in any O’Briens store or online at www.obrienswine.ie to purchase any item(s) for sale. Cash can only be added where the value of the card is equal to or greater than €5 or 500 points. Should the good(s) required be less than the value on the card then points will be deducted to the corresponding value of the item and the balance will be left on the card in the form of points. Change in the form of cash or otherwise will not be given under any circumstances.

Lost / Stolen Cards

Please be aware that O’Briens cannot be held responsible for the loss of points on any loyalty card. Please treat your card as though it were cash. Replacement loyalty cards can be picked up in any of our stores. Our in-store teams can associate the new card with your account or you can complete this step yourself online on your account page after you login to our site. Any points on your previous card will automatically be transferred within 48 hours. Should you have any queries on your points balance or the O’Briens loyalty programme in general, please contact us by email (loyalty@obrienswine.ie) or by any of the contact methods listed on our contact us page.

Termination of Account

Where a card is not used for 12 consecutive months it will be deemed as expired by O’Briens. All details on the account will be suspended and the points balance set to null. Where this occurs, customers will need to reapply for a new account and points cannot be transferred. To avoid this happening, simply use your card at least once within a 12 month period to earn or redeem points. O’Briens reserve the right to terminate any account that they believe is being misused with or without prior notification.

Modification and Termination of the Programme

O’Briens may modify any of the terms and conditions governing the programme - including, but not limited to, the methods through which points can be earned, how points can be used, the value of points earned, and the conditions under which points may be forfeited - at any time, with or without notice, even though these changes may affect a customer’s ability to use the points that he/she has already earned.

The programme has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as O’Briens decides to terminate the programme. O’Briens may terminate the programme at any time, with notice via email to the customer’s email address currently on file with O’Briens for their online account. Any points that are remaining in a customer’s account at time of termination will be forfeited and no compensation will be provided. A customer’s continued participation in the programme constitutes the customer’s acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions. Customers are responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to any changes that O’Briens may make to these Terms and Conditions. The most current version of these Terms and Conditions will be available on this website and will supersede all previous versions of these Terms and Conditions.


Last Revision July 2020