St Hallett Wines

Barossa Valley, Australia

Established in 1944 in the Barossa Valley, Australia, St Hallett’s is considered one of Australia’s most respected wineries with a reputation for top Shiraz wines.




The Barossa Valley has a continental climate with soils ranging from sandy to a clay loam. The conditions are ideal for growing Shiraz and the estate is well known for its un-grafted 100 years-old Shiraz vineyards. 


The wine making is led by Toby Barlow and Stuart Blackwell, Stuart first joined St Hallett in 1972, he is renowned for his deep and intuitive understanding of the St Hallett vineyard terroir and its relationship to Shiraz in particular.


The parcels are picked and vinified and matured individually. The wines are known for their diversity, rich textures and depth.