Stonier Wines

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Stonier Wines are located in the Morning Peninsula, Brian Stonier was one of first grape growers in the region when he decided to plant Chardonnay in 1978.




The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, has a cool maritime climate. Brian Stonier considered his vineyard a hobby but he went on to plant Pinot Noir which along with the Chardonnay grew very successfully.


Single-vineyard sites are a defining factor of Stonier Wines and a key element within their terroir expression of the region with the team working tirelessly to understand each vineyard's strength.


The winemaking team philosophy is founded on two principles. First, achieve a natural balance in the vineyards, and second, allow the wine's flavours developed in the vineyard to flourish with minimal intervention in the winery.