Vignoble Dauny

Loire Valley, France

Vignoble Dauny is located in the Sancerre region of the Loire Valley. Owner Christian Dauny represents the twelfth generation to run the 17 hectare estate, alongside his wife Nicole and their sons Benoit and Thibaud.




Located in the central vineyards of the Loire Valley in the middle of France, Sancerre experiences a continental climate with short, hot summers and long, cold winters. These conditions are ideal for growing excellent quality Sauvignon Blanc, with good freshness and acidity, on the local limestone soils. The estate has been organically farmed since 1964 and sustaining the equilibrium of the land for the next generation is a core philosophy of the Dauny family.


The family’s philosophy is for minimum intervention winemaking, using indigenous yeasts and temperature controlled stainless steel.