splashing champagne from a bottle on a black background

How To Sabre A Bottle Of Champagne

Popping a bottle of Champagne can be very dramatic but have you ever seen a bottle being sliced 'open’ with a very sharp blade? Now *that’s* dramatic! The technique is known as ‘sabrage’ and if you’ve ever been curious as to how it works, O'Brien's Wine Director, Lynne Coyle Master of Wine is here to explain how to sabre a bottle of Champagne

What exactly is sabrage?

A tradition that dates to the time of Napoleon, sabrage involves using a very sharp Champagne sabre (a type of sword with a curved blade) to separate the collar from the neck of the bottle. The trick is to hit the bottle in a precise spot, moving quickly and with enough force – while making sure there are no bystanders in the firing line! “If the bottle is well enough chilled and you have a trusty enough sabre - and the nerve - it can be done,” Lynne says. 

While we definitely do not recommend you try it at home, it's a spectacular thing to witness and it's good to know just how it's done. Check out Lynne’s own attempt above!

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