Agro de bazán

Galicia, Spain

Galician Bodega Granbazán is a family-owned estate located in the Salnés Valley in the heart of Rías Baixas, SpainThe property farms 17 hectares of their own vineyards.




The climate in the Salnés Valley is maritime with vineyards located close to the Atlantic Ocean. The estate's vineyards are planted entirely with the local noble grape variety: Albariño.


The estate's vines are trained on a traditional high trellis system which allows for good air circulation in the humid conditions, as well as protecting the grapes from the intensity of the summer sunshine. The soils in the vineyards are granitic and free draining which allows the vines to develop deep roots to develop a true terroir character. 


Winemaking at Bodegas Granbazán, led by Diego Ríos focuses on the vinification of the individual plots which showcases the versatility and variety of styles possible with the Albariño grape.