Wine For Good

What is O'Briens WINE FOR GOOD?

With the O’Briens Wine Festivals postponed for this year we wanted to find an alternative way to bring our community of wine lovers, winemakers and colleagues together to raise money for a great cause. Thanks to the generous wine donations of our winemaking partners around the world and our Irish wine suppliers, we are delighted to present our first ever 'Wine for Good' Charity Fundraiser!

The premise is simple, our winemaking partners have donated generous gifts from their cellars and shipped them to Ireland. You can view and read the details about all of these incredible wines on this website. When you buy a ticket - there are only 200 available to buy - as a thank you, you will receive one of the gifts delivered to your door. The gifts are worth between €75 - €250 each! * The gifts will be sent out randomly so you will not know which wine you have until it arrives to you! * estimated Irish retail; includes duty, VAT & delivery.

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