Non-Alcohol Beer & Spirits

By Paul Barry | Assistant Buyer: Beer & Spirits

Looking for some great tasting drinks without the alcohol? Maybe you are planning on Dry January this year. Well it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to miss out. Non-alcohol beers and even ‘spirits’ have come a long way in a short space of time, both in terms of quality and availability.

Firstly, on the beer side. with greater demand and technological improvements, the quality and flavour of non-alcoholic beers is certainly improving. One recent addition to the ranks of non-alcohol beers is bound to shake things up. further. 


Carlsberg 0.0 is brewed with barley malt, hops and water just as ‘regular’ Carlsberg. Yeast is added to start the fermentation and after brewing the alcohol is gently removed. The beer is then filtered, developing a taste like the original Carlsberg with a smooth malty body with a crisp and refreshing pilsner style bitterness.

There’s now also a growing range of non-alcoholic craft beers to try. If your tastes tend toward the hoppier end, we also have some great options. Irish brewers Wicklow Wolf have not one but three different non-alcoholic beers in the works. 


Moonlight is a juicy hoppy ale with bright citrus aromas and a clean fruity finish. Two new additions are expected in the coming weeks; Starlight and Limelight pump up the fruit content with added grapefruit and lime respectively.

Not a beer or cider fan, well gin has also gotten the non-alcoholic treatment. The newest entry to the Irish market, Ceder’s Crisp, is a distilled non-alcoholic gin made with classic gin and exotic South African botanicals from the Cederberg Mountains. Expect a classic juniper and citrus profile combined with cucumber and calming chamomile.