Alcohol-Free Beer &

Alcohol-Free Beer & "Spirits"

Looking for some great-tasting drinks without the alcohol? Whether you’re embracing Dry January, trying the “sober curious” life or just don’t fancy drinking alcohol, it doesn’t mean you need to miss out. Alcohol-free and low-alcohol wines, beers and even "spirits" have come a long way in recent years, both in terms of quality and availability.

Now there’s a great range of non-alcoholic drinks on offer, many from much-loved names, so your only dilemma will be which one to try next! Here are three delicious alcohol-free drinks to get you started.

Tanqueray 0.0% Alcohol Free 70cl

WAS €20 NOW €17

Love a gin and tonic or a gin-based cocktail? Tanqueray 0.0 is the perfect ingredient for your next cocktail – or mocktail – evening. It’s made with a blend of four botanicals and its crisp citrus notes and a juniper-led flavour will be familiar to any Tanqueray Gin fan. Keep things simply by teaming it with premium tonics, lots of ice and a wedge of lime. 


Guinness 0.0 50cl Can 24pk

NOW €36

A devoted Guinness drinker is hard to please when it comes to a pint of the black stuff, but the alcohol-free Guinness 0.0 has garnered a serious fan base since it launched. Brewed in the same way as the classic stout, it has all the trademark flavour and smoothness of Guinness – just with the alcohol removed. This great value 24-can pack is a fantastic pick for a party and is a designated driver essential! 


Ceder's Crisp 50cl

NOW €26

Crafted with high quality South African botanicals and Swedish water.  the light and refreshing Ceder’s Crisp deserves a place in your drinks cabinet. With notes of juniper, citrus, cucumber and chamomile it lends itself perfectly to all sorts of cocktails if you’re embracing the no- or low-alcohol trend.


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