Wines for Christmas Movie Nights

Wines for Christmas Movie Nights

Christmas and movies go together like Santa and reindeer and if you’re planning a Christmas filmfest, why not pick some gorgeous wines to enjoy with your festive films of choice?

O’Briens Wine Director, Lynne Coyle Master of Wine has chosen some top wines for Christmas movie nights, and paired each one with some classic Christmas viewing. There's everything from a bold red befitting a hero to a sparkling wine that’s as elegant as a leading lady. So pick a movie, grab your wine (and some all-important snacks) and it's... 'lights, camera, action!'

The Film: It's A Wonderful Life 

It’s A Wonderful Life wasn’t a success when it was first released in 1946 but over the years it has become a much-loved classic. It centres on family man, George Bailey (played by James Stewart), who loses hope when faced with a seemingly impossible situation. Enter: Clarence Odbody (“AS2: angel second class”), who is sent to show George just how important he really is. 

The Wine: La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

California, USA

WAS €36.95 NOW €31.95 (Part of our Christmas wine sale. Price valid until 01 Jan 2024.)

Enjoy this American classic with another American favourite: La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. A warming, gentle red from California, a glass of this classy wine is the perfect accompaniment to George’s heartwarming journey.


The Film: The Holiday

Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are both suffering heartache and to escape their woes decide to do a house swap for the festive season. Kate heads to Amanda’s glamorous Californian home while Amanda decamps to Iris’ quaint cottage in England. With friendship, love, laughs and gorgeous settings, The Holiday has a bit of everything. 

The Wine: Rizzardi Prosecco Spumante

Prosecco, Italy

WAS €22.95 NOW €19.95 (Part of our Christmas wine sale. Price valid until 01 Jan 2024.)

This selection box of a Christmas film deserves something as chic and effervescent as its two leading ladies, so it has to be a bottle of bubbly! Rizzardi Prosecco Spumante is elegant and stylish with fruity notes and a refreshing acidity. Delicious. 


The Film: Love Actually

Richard Curtis’ 2003 film is a Christmas favourite – and boasts a stellar cast. Focusing on a thread of loosely interwoven ‘love stories’ it features the likes of Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley. Full of heart, laughs and more than a few festive feels, it’s a December must-watch. 

The Wine: Marquês de Borba Colheita

Alentejo, Portugal 

WAS €18.45 NOW €12.95 (Part of our Christmas wine sale. Price valid until 01 Jan 2024.)

While remaining spoiler-free, Portugal is one location that features in Love Actually so Lynne’s pick is this rich, robust red from the Alentejo region in the heart of the country. It’s a luscious, silky wine full of rich fruit notes and smooth tannins. So grab a bottle and some snacks and settle in!


The Film: Elf 

Much like Christmas, the tale of Buddy the Elf (played by Will Ferrell) isn’t just for kids! It’s become a festive essential for more than a few grown-ups who have fallen for the endearing Buddy as he leaves the North Pole in search of his biological father. Elf has everything a good Christmas film should have: adventure, fun, and plenty of festive feels. 

The wine: Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé

Veneto, Italy

WAS €19.95 NOW €16.95 (Part of our Christmas wine sale. Price valid until 01 Jan 2024.)

If the grown-ups fancy enjoying a glass of something while they enjoy the movie, our top selling Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé makes a perfect accompaniment. Deliciously fruity, with raspberry and pink grapefruit notes and a crisp acidity it’s a zingy and unexpected – a bit like Elf


The Film: Die Hard

There's an annual debate around whether or not this iconic Bruce Willis action flick is indeed a Christmas film, but we’re in the firmly ‘yes it is’ camp! It’s an exhilarating tale of maverick cop John McClane’s (Willis) attempts to rescue his estranged wife and other hostages from the evil mastermind, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) in LA’s Nakatomi Plaza. 

The Wine: Château la Claymore  

Bordeaux, France

WAS €29.95 NOW €19.95 (Part of our Christmas wine sale. Price valid until 01 Jan 2024.)

What better wine to enjoy Die Hard with than a serious, chunky red? Château la Claymore fits the bill nicely with its bold balance of flavour and smoothness. This classic Bordeaux is full of plummy fruit, with soft spices, liquorice and toast notes. (White vest, optional.)


All prices are correct at time published and are part of our Christmas wine sale offers. Please check our website or stores for the most up-to-date pricing and offers. 

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