Viña Leyda

Leyda Valley, Chile

Viña Leyda pioneered viticulture in Chile's Leyda Valley when it planted its first vineyards in 1998. Today, the estate is comprised of 163ha of vineyards and is noted for its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean.




Viña Leyda’s vineyards are planted west of Chile’s Coastal Mountain range in the Leyda Valley, a small sub-region of the San Antonio Valley. The vineyards are planted at 180 metres above sea level and only 4km from the Pacific Ocean, experiencing an extreme cool maritime climate. Morning mists and cool breezes blowing in from the nearby Humboldt Current helps moderate summer temperatures, retaining freshness and acidity in the grapes.


The principal grape varieties grown by Leyda are Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc but the estate also has plantings of Chardonnay, Carménère and Syrah.


Viviana Navarrete has been Chief Winemaker at Viña Leyda for 12 years and a specialist in cool climate winemaking. She uses delicate extraction techniques and stainless steel to ensure her wines retain their finesse and aromatic complexity.