Whiskey & Food Pairing

Whiskey & Food Pairing

Trying to find the perfect drink to enjoy with your meal? What about an Irish whiskey? Often overlooked as an option, a good whiskey and food pairing can in fact be a dream combination. It’s all about sticking to some simple guidelines and finding that perfect match. Here are our top tips for doing just that.

The dos and don’ts of pairing whiskey with food

There is no hard and fast science to food pairing as everyone’s tastes differ, however there are a few tried and trusted guidelines. As with any food and alcohol pairing, you should seek to complement or contrast flavours. Rather than trying to match flavours, try to create a balance where neither the whiskey nor food is overpowered.

Matching a lighter Irish whiskey with a lighter dish and a heavier whiskey with a richer dish tends to work well and will ensure one doesn’t cancel out the other. 

The classic whiskey and food pairings

The general advice is to avoid very spicy food as the alcohol intensifies the spiciness and overpowers the flavour of the whiskey. However, food that is cooked in oil or fat tends to work well with the heat of the higher alcohol content of whiskey. 

The spirit also works well with salty foods - simple bar snacks like mixed nuts or crisps. You can also experiment with different flavours and styles of crisps to see what they may bring out in the whiskey. Another classic food pairing is dark chocolate. Opt for a chocolate with a high cocoa content and rest the whiskey in your mouth, allowing the alcohol to evaporate and the flavours lift before tasting the chocolate.

Three to try

We’ve selected a trio of top Irish whiskeys that all work with food – and some great dishes to pair them with. (They’re also all in our Irish Whiskey sale which is on until 24th September!)

Powers John's Lane 

WAS €78 NOW €70 (Part of our Irish Whiskey Sale until 24th September 2023.)

Food match: pork belly with whiskey sauce

The quintessential Irish single pot still, and a celebration of the original style of Powers Whiskey. Silky smooth and balanced with spice, fruit, sherry and toasted wood notes, it’s a great match. Adding it to a sauce will create a synergy of flavours and pull the whole dish together.


Green Spot

WAS €64.95 NOW €59.95 (Part of our Irish Whiskey Sale until 24th September 2023.)

Food match: steak 

The sweetness of the sherry maturation makes Green Spot a great partner for red meat like venison or steak. The heavier body of sherry cask whiskey complements the more powerful flavours of meat dishes, while the addition of some grain in this blend adds a little lightness. 


Roe & Co

WAS €45 NOW €36 (Part of our Irish Whiskey Sale until 24th September 2023.)

Food match: goat’s cheese salad 

Named in honour of the distillery’s founder George Roe, Roe & Co is a blend of malt and grain whiskey that has been matured in bourbon casks, giving flavours of spun sugar, vanilla and spiced pear. Goat’s cheese provides a beautiful contrast to these flavours, while adding pear and candied walnut will complement them perfectly. 


All prices are part of our Irish Whiskey Sale and are valid until 24th September 2023. Please check our website or stores for the most up-to-date pricing.

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